About Us

19th Hole Golf was created in 2020 when two average addicted quarantine golfers realized where the true beauty of golf lies. The great scores and chasing par is fun and all but the memories and experiences on and off the course make golf a unique and versatile sport. We are making golf fun FOR EVERYONE again, or for the first time. Golf is a professional and serious sport that requires much skill and knowledge to master but not everyone has that time/caliber. That does not mean they cannot enjoy and experience the beautiful sport. So while you and your buddy are 10 strokes apart, remember your common ground.. the 19th hole (FUN) Enjoy your round, but enjoy the mindset and physical enjoyment of the 19th Hole.


Trying to connect culture and golf to recreate the style and expectations of golf dress etiquette. It's a little outdated anyway. Express yourself on and off the course. These old and boring fits just do not cut it.